Frank Chindamo

Hi, I’m Frank Chindamo! I founded, an innovative EdTech startup with long-term economic and societal value and a focus on access and opportunity in education.

Virtual Film School™ is a Sharing Economy education marketplace. It uses virtual reality to connect students with professors anytime, from anywhere in the world. We launched in the trending field of New Media because 75% of young people want to become content creators over all other professions. We plan for rapid expansion across the arts and languages to attract new students and generate more revenue. VFS has completed 4 pilots, closing 2 sales and earning growing proceeds from the pilots. We have strategic partnerships with Amazon, Lenovo, the UN,, and CAA.

What if a film school could open its enrollment to the entire world? And you could attend from anywhere, anytime? Just strap on a VR headset and attend classes with award-winning film and video professors inside a virtual world. No need to relocate to Los Angeles, pay for cost-prohibitive housing, or leave your friends, family, and resources behind. Virtual Film School™ will curate your courses and your trajectory so that you learn the most cutting-edge filmmaking information from the most current instructors, websites, apps, and assets. Virtual Film School™ is higher education for the next generation.

I also run Fun Little Movies, one of the world's top producers of comedic “Advertainment” videos for the web. We’ve won over 30 awards for our work and been lauded on the front pages of Forbes Magazine, the LA Times, and in the Wall St. Journal, NY Times, CNN, USA Today, etc.

FLM has made videos and series for iconic brands including Petco, Walmart, Best Buy, Intel, Kingston Technologies, eVite, etc.

FLM won Mobile Content World’s Grand Prize, where we were awarded a Chevrolet Cruze. And I produced the video for Titanic and Avatar producer Jon Landau’s TED talk.

Finally, I'm the former Curriculum Coordinator/Instructor of New Media at Columbia College, Hollywood. I also created the courses and am an Adjunct Professor of web video production and monetization classes at USC, UCLA, Chapman U., and Emerson College. My students have included Primetime Emmy Winner Bernie Su, billion-hitter Freddie Wong, and 5SecondFilms. In 2016 I was voted the Adjunct Professor of the Year at Chapman University’s Dodge College. I co-wrote the books YouTube Success in 5 Steps. MFA: Columbia University, NY. BFA: NYU.



1985 – 1988

MFA, Screenwriting/Producing

Columbia University in the City of New York

Lower Undergraduate

1978 – 1982

BFA, Screenwriting and Production

New York University


Co-Founder, Chief Content Officer

LaughMD Recovery

2020 – Present

Founder and Professor

Virtual Film School, Inc.

2018 – Present

Curriculum Coordinator/Instructor, New Media

Columbia College-Hardwood

2016 – 2017

Content Acquisitions Director


2015 – 2015

Adjunct Professor

Chapman University

2010 – 2017

Internet Stardom Co-Curator


2010 – 2011

Member of the Executive Board


2010 – 2017

Comedy Publisher


2009 – 2009

Instructor of "Making Webisodes"

UCLA Extension

2007 – 2013

Strategic Partner

Mobile Entertainment Forum

2007 – 2010



2007 – Present

Adjunct Professor

USC- University of Southern California

2004 – 2013

President/Chief Creative Officer

Fun Little Movies

1996 – Present

Courses taught

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing


Writing for New Media: Digital Series I

Writing for New Media: Digital Series I


Viral Video Production

Viral Video Production