Viral Video Production

This project-based, experiential, synchronous learning course covers the technical, aesthetic, psychological, and commercial principles of creating and producing content that has the potential to go viral. Students will learn the art and business of creating and producing web video content. They will develop basic expertise in content ideation, creation, and production by creating and producing a video or web series pilot with viral potential. Learn the proven formula behind how to produce original shareworthy content. Understand the pain points of your target audience, play to their emotions, and produce with purpose.

The purchse of outside materials and texts is required.

  • Accreditation: ECTS Accredited (EQF5)
  • Total workload: 150 hours
  • Requires extra purchases (outside texts, etc.): Yes, purchases required
  • ID verification: Required
  • Admission requirements: Application required
  • Minimum education requirement for students: High School